The Hotwire #38: September 26, 2018


An anarchist in #OperationAirDrop—Portland anti-cop occupations—IRPGF dissolves

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Our feature this episode is an interview with an anarchist involved in one of the more spectacular autonomous relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Florence—Operation Airdrop. We follow it up with some discussion about the role of anarchist politics in doing autonomous, mutual aid relief work. We also interview someone involved in the new occupation outside campus security on Portland State University’s campus after a grand jury did not indict two killer cops for the murder of Jason Washington. The International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces is dissolving their organization, but we share their final communiqué in which they encourage us to keep up the struggle against hierarchy in all its forms. Plus, reports on the recent #MeToo McDonald’s workers strike, anti-fascist action in Tennessee, and announcements for anarchist book fairs and ways to support prisoners. Send us news, events, or ideas on how our show can better serve anarchist activity in your town by emailing us at

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:00}
    • Headlines {0:50}
    • Occupation against the police at PSU {8:20}
    • Autonomous relief after Hurricane Florence and Operation Airdrop interview {12:35}
    • Repression roundup {22:40}
    • Next Week’s News {29:10}
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  • Autonomous Mutual Aid in the wake of Hurricane Florence
  • Upcoming anti-fascist action:
    • September 29 at Risman Plaza on Kent State University in Ohio from 1–5 PM—demonstrate against the participation of white supremacists from the American Guard in an open-carry on campus rally
    • October 6 at the Rhode Island State House in Providence at 10 AM to oppose a “Resist Marxism” rally
    • October 13 in London, England: Unity Demonstration against a far-right football hooligan event.
  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief presentations in Tucson, Arizona:
    • Friday, September 28, at 7 PM: Protectors v. Profiteers: Communities in Resistance to Disaster Capitalism at Global Justice Center 225 E 26th St Tucson, AZ 85705
    • Saturday, September 29, at 10 AM: Giving Our Best, Ready For The Worst: Community Organizing as Disaster Preparedness Global Justice Center 225 E 26th St Tucson, AZ 85705
  • Visit for information on FBI harassment in Michigan.

  • Demand an end to the year-long lockdown at Lieber Correctional by contributing to the phone zap:

    Henry McMaster, SC Governor
    Phone: 803.734.2100
    Fax: 803.734.5167

    Lieber Correctional Institution
    General Number 843–875–3332
    Ask for transfer to Captain Haney
    Warden Randall Williams

  • Check out this interview with recently deported anarchist Mapache.

  • Upcoming anarchist book fairs and gatherings:
  • Other relevant anarchist media:
    • This is Parkdale, a documentary on tenant organizing in Toronto.
    • Hotwire #35 discusses the struggle over the Artesian Commons in Olympia, Washington.
    • The Ex-Worker #17 has an interview with an anarchist supporter of Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation prisoner Jorge P Cornell.
  • Sales are now OPEN for the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar! The theme of next year’s calendar is Health/Care, and it features art and writing from current and former political prisoners like David Gilbert, Mike and Chuck Africa, and Laura Whitehorn. If you buy 10 or more, be sure to use the discount code “BULK” to get 10 or more calendars for $10 each—you can then sell the calendars to fundraise for your own organizing. Orders start shipping September 10!

  • Use this straightforward guide to writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross to write Jorge Cornell of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation and Skelly of the Cleveland Four:

    Jorge P. Cornell
    FCI Petersburg Low
    1100 RIVER ROAD
    HOPEWELL, VA 23860
    (Birthday: September 29)

    Skelly (but address envelope to…)
    Joshua Stafford
    USP McCreary
    Post Office Box 3000
    Pine Knot, Kentucky 42635
    (Birthday: October 3)

  • For general information on supporting anarchist prisoner Casey Brezik, pop over to To help with writing parole board letters for Casey, here’s a sample letter:

    Missouri Board of Probation and Parole
    1511 Christy Drive
    Jefferson City, MO 65101
    Regarding: Parole Board Hearing for Casey Brezik #1154765

    Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board,
    As a concerned citizen who is interested in helping Casey successfully transition into life outside of prison, I am writing to request that you please grant Casey’s parole.

    Casey has been working hard during his incarceration to address his problems with addiction and mental illness and I believe that he has made substantial progress in these efforts. Despite the mistakes he has made, I believe Casey is ready to meet the challenges of daily life and would be a positive contribution to any community.

    Casey’s efforts toward meeting educational and personal goals during his incarceration have been inspiring. Casey is passionate about learning and with the help of his support network he has been studying math and science related topics in preparation for pursuing a college degree upon his release while working to support himself and his wife in the meantime.

    Casey is well supported by a network of people across the country as well as by his family. I am willing to provide financial, emotional and spiritual support to Casey during his transition back to life outside of prison.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


    [Your Name]

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