New and Improved Cookbook Printing


Fresh off the presses, the second printing of our anarchist cookbook, Recipes for Disaster, printed by a new printer in Quebec, has arrived. The new edition boasts some small improvements over the first edition, the most significant of which is the fancy, new PUR glue used in the binding. PUR glue is more than ten times stronger than normal book-binding glue so the book itself will not fall apart, even under heavy abuse, as well as being resistant to heat (so it won’t melt), resistant to below freezing temperatures (so it won’t crack), and most importantly, it makes the spine extraordinarily flexible so that it resists creasing and enables the book to be laid flat easily and without doing any damage. This was one of the few complaints we received about the first printing, and we’re glad to be able to make it right. Additionally, the book is now printed on chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and is printed at an union print shop (not an easy thing to find). Oh, and finally, we fixed a few typos and added a small update or two (yes, this means you, Mr. Chertoff). Starting today, all orders for the cookbook will be sent out copies from this second printing.