Latest Actions Against the Minutemen


Wrap up for Anti-Minuteman Project demonstration on Jan. 15:

Marie Callenders restaurant, San Juan Capistrano

On short notice after a last minute discovery of a special Minuteman Project meeting organizers were able to pull together a crowd of about 30 people to make Gilchrist, Minuteman Project founder, and his foolish legions feel unwelcome. The mixed faces of anti-racist activists, community leaders, anarchists, media, and families from the surrounding neighborhood took to the sidewalk in front of the restaurant holding signs and rallying support from the passing traffic.

An inside source tipped the activists off as to the exact time that Jim Gilchrist was going to be delivering his speech. A spontaneous plan was put in to effect that began with the activists pretending to leave. The sly crowd then hopped a small wall and entered a park that allowed them to be just a few feet away from the Minuteman Project meeting. Managing to elude 30 or so Sheriff’s deputies (and helicopter) and catch the room full of Minutemen completely off guard they announced their presence by chanting, “Hey Gilchrist you’re a clown, racist Minutemen get out of our town!” According to our inside sources our timing was perfect sending the entire room into chaos right as Gilchrist was at a highlight in his foolish speech!

The group then reassembled in front of the restaurant and offered the Minutemen the kind of send off that racist assholes deserve. Gilchrist was forced to sneak out through the kitchen and, as discomfort showed on the faces of the rest of the Minutemen, the crowd was quick to point out the fact that the police were there to protect them because they, indeed, needed protection.

Upon being sure that all of the Minutemen were gone the activists disbanded and headed home to warm frozen fingers and toes knowing that they had taken a brave stand against racism.

We are getting better at confronting these assholes but we need your help. Keep an eye out because more action against the Minuteman Project is coming soon.

Join us next time!