What We’ve Been Up To


I always go through a period of intense anxiety and depression upon finishing a big book project—the bigger the book, the more intense the emotional fallout. It’s hard to work on a project for years, night-and-day for the last few months, and then, boom, it’s off to the printer and we have nothing to show for all our work. The month it’s being printed is a long, tough month. So, in an effort to make this month go by a little faster, I’ve decided to let the secret out: after seven years, the true sequel to Days of War, Nights of Love is only a month away. It’s our most ambitious book yet, and we’ve put everything we have into it. The teaser page is here, and we’ll update it with details (like, um, the title) a bit at a time over the coming month. Also, issue #5 of Rolling Thunder should be available right before the end of the year; sorry for the delay—we’ve had our hands full.