1 for $1, 25 for $4, 100 for $11.

You can order them from municipaladhesives[at]riseup.net.

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Our comrades at Municipal Adhesives made these stickers as a solidarity gesture.

From the Municipal Adhesives announcement:

The ambition of Municipal Adhesives is making revolution irresistible, to make crime accessible and joyous, and to take back the physical space we inhabit, a stolen inch at a time.

Few anarchist projects have embodied this spirit better—or for longer—than our friends at the CrimethInc. Ex-Worker’s Collective. Under different names, under their name, and often under no name at all, we have worked with CrimethInc. dozens of times in the past decade.

When they asked us if we would collaborate to connect more eyes to their global resistance dispatches and the lessons learned from decades of front-line militancy that they share on their website, we jumped at the opportunity.

“You Can’t Kill An Idea,” says the fuse of a grenade with a brain for a charge and body. The URL crimethinc.com arcs underneath the brainade.

These are die-cut stickers, kiss cut from the paper behind them so they are very easy to peel off of the paper backing. They are “eggshell stickers” that are incredibly difficult to remove once applied, because you are only able to pull up a tiny bit of the sticker before it breaks off from the whole. See more info at the printer’s website, including a video showing how difficult they are to remove here.

Municipal Adhesives’ high-quality and durable stickers printed with provocative designs are available at CrimethInc. prices, so that you can decorate your block, protect an area from fascist recruiting, and give them to sympathetic friends and family.

2.66”x4” die-cut sticker with black ink screen-printed on holographic eggshell vinyl material.