Photo of ‘Ukraine: Background on the Russian Invasion’ front cover

  1. Size 5.5" x 8.5"
  2. Pages 40

This zine collects interviews and narratives from Ukrainian anarchists, presenting a range of perspectives on the history of Ukraine and the situation leading up to the Russian invasion.

It excerpts “Ukraine: Between Two Fires,” “War and Anarchists,” and Grassroots Resistance to Putin’s Invasion.

“The Russian invasion poses thorny questions for anarchists. How do we oppose Russian military aggression without simply playing into the agenda of the United States and other governments? How do we continue to oppose Ukrainian capitalists and fascists without helping the Russian government to craft a narrative to justify direct or indirect intervention? How do we prioritize both the lives and the freedom of ordinary people in Ukraine and the neighboring countries—while not forgetting about all the people from parts of the world that have already been suffering war for years, like Afghanistan?

“And what if war is not the only danger here? How do we avoid reducing our movements to subsidiaries of statist forces without winding up irrelevant in a time of escalating conflict? How do we continue to organize against all forms of oppression even in the midst of war, without adopting the same logic as state militaries?”