J20 Zine Series

On January 20, 2017, 500 anarchists determined to disrupt the inauguration of Donald Trump squared off against 28,000 security personnel in Washington, DC. That day’s clashes helped set the tone for resistance to the Trump administration; in the ensuing legal ordeal, prosecutors tried to set dramatic new precedents for repressing protest activity, but defendant solidarity completely thwarted their efforts. On the two-year anniversary of J20 2017, we published a series of articles analyzing what we can learn from the actions against the inauguration and the defense campaign that followed them. Here, we present zine versions of all those articles.

The J20 mobilization and subsequent court cases were historic events. They offer invaluable lessons about how to prepare for mass mobilizations, how to understand the strengths and weaknesses of riot police in situations of public unrest, and how to organize effective support for defendants when the state cracks down. Please print these out to share with your community.

As a bonus, in addition to the J20 zines, we have added two more posters and another zine, all of which are listed in the appendix, below.

Click on the image to download Anarchist Resistance to the Trump Inauguration.

Click on the image to download We’ve Got Your Back: The Story of the J20 Defense.

Click on the image to download I Was a J20 Street Medic and Defendant.

Click on the image to download Between the Sun and the Sea: Icarus at 12th and L.

Click on the image to download Load Every Rift With Ore: Critical Reflections on the J20 Trial and Support Campaign.

Appendix: Some Other New Designs

In addition to the J20 zines, we’ve also added the following posters illustrating our analysis Against the Logic of the Guillotine and celebrating workplace theft for STEAL SOMETHING FROM WORK DAY. Ready for wheatpasting!

Click on the image to download the poster.

Click the image to download the PDF.

Alongside the serialized audiobook version of our book about borders and migration, No Wall They Can Build, we have prepared a zine design of our interview with a volunteer from No More Deaths about the context that solidarity workers face on the border today.

Click the image to download the PDF of Fighting Border Violence from Obama to Trump.